Our Story



BALLI is a Luxury Fur Outerwear brand. Member of Furmark® *, and produces verifiable Furmark®-certified products. Alkiviadis Ballis’ vision in 2005 marked the beginning of the Luxury Outerwear era for BALLI. The company has since been growing steadily in the international market, where it stands out for its unquestionably high standard of services and products, exemplary customer service and the long-term relationships of trust it builds with its customers. Continuing its 76-year-long legacy in the creation of fur collections, the brand’s DNA is formed by intertwined strands of know-how of the highest standard, traditional craftsmanship and responsible management of its high-quality raw materials.

BALLI’s team of designers creates women’s ready-to-wear collections made from mink and sheepskin, which are capable of satisfying the most refined aesthetic tastes. These collections are intent on highlighting women’s personalities and their need for self-expression. Knowing full well that one size does not fit all, we put all our creative genius and meticulousness into the creation of women’s and men’s custom-made garments that meet the needs of today’s contemporary lifestyle.

* Furmark® is the new global certification and traceability system for sustainable natural fur that ensures the highest animal welfare and environmental standards and your business can be part of it. Only members can produce verifiable Furmark®-certified products.
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